Monday, April 11, 2016

VR and VAR in The Classroom | Teaching Through Virtual Reality

Bring Virtual Reality to Your Classroom | Transport your students to the Future with Virtual Reality field trips, Virtual Augmented Reality Biology Lessons, Immersive Virtual Reality 360 History Lessons, Mind Blowing Engineering Projects, and Interstellar Travel all From Your Classroom!

Virtual reality in the classroom - Virtual Reality
There are two ways of using virtual reality in the classroom: the first involves a ... For example: if you are a history teacher then your students may have the ...

Expeditions Pioneer Program - Google
GoogleBringing immersive and educational virtual reality journeys to schools, ... If you're interested in trying out the Expeditions app in your classroom, you can sign up ...

Nearpod - Take your students on a virtual reality adventure
Nearpod VR's Virtual Field Trips bring to your classroom real-world experiences that will inspire your students to learn and think more deeply.

How Virtual Reality Can Close Learning Gaps in Your ...
EdSurgeSep 7, 2015 - Classroom-Ready VR Resources. 1) Take your students somewhere their school bus can't with Google Expeditions and Discovery VR.

Google is offering its virtual reality classroom system to ...
The VergeSep 28, 2015 - Google wants students everywhere to begin experiencing the world in virtual reality, specifically by using its low-cost Cardboard headsets and ...

ISTE | Virtual reality in the classroom just got affordable
Nov 27, 2015 - Google Cardboard is a VR tool that lets you immerse your students in both real and imaginary worlds far from your own classroom. What is ...

ISTE | Your students can create virtual reality expeditions
Mar 1, 2016 - Virtual reality is on the verge of gaining a foothold in schools thanks to ... In the classroom / Your students can create virtual reality expeditions.

Education World: A Virtual Reality Learning Environment
Education WorldThe Main Campus is a real time, virtual reality educational environment that's Internet accessible. ... "So far, [Rainbow MOO] has been used mostly for class activities for students in grades 7 through 9 ... Teach your students MOO Netiquette.

8 Upcoming VR Headsets in 2016 And Beyond

1,000s of VR360 immersive pictures from all over the world. 

The North Pole 90°N-3

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